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   Our company is the undisputed leader in providing patent services in Omsk and the Omsk region, but we do not restrict ourselves only to the Omsk region, the geography of our clients have long been left not only the boundaries of the Omsk region, but also for the Russian border. The number of registered with our participation trademark long crossed th line, and the number of patented inventions, utility models, industrial designs in the hundreds. The staff of our agency are patent attorneys of the Russian Federation, which guarantees the quality of service, honesty and Privacy.
    We do not promise customers golden mountains and execution IMPOSSIBLE to get money any way the customer. We're talking about risks that may be trying to minimize them. We do not give 100% guarantee th where it can not be due to objective reasons. We tried to save money the customer, even if it is to the detriment of our income. Our reputation is more valuable than money, she earned many years of hard work.
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