Computer programs and DB

Computer programs and databases are objects of copyright and are protected as literary works. The rightholder, during the term of the exclusive right to the computer program or database, may at its discretion register the object with the federal executive body on intellectual property.

Registration Benefits

● The main advantage is to obtain a certificate of state registration of a computer program or database, which, in the event of litigation, may be evidence of exclusive rights to the program or database.
● Since deposited materials are provided for registration (source code of a computer program, database structures, screen fragments, etc.), the above registration can also certify the existence of computer programs or databases in an objective form.

Registration procedure

On the basis of the application for registration of a computer program or database, the federal executive body for intellectual property checks the availability of the necessary documents and materials and their compliance with the requirements.
If the result is positive, the object is entered in the Register of computer programs or in the Register of databases, and the applicant receives a certificate of state registration. Then the information on the registered program or database is published in the official bulletin of the authorized body.
Patent attorneys of our company help applicants not only to prepare a set of documents for state registration of a computer program or database, but also provide expert assistance in matters related to the legal protection and protection of computer programs and database, as well as with the order of the exclusive right to them.

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