Depositing and registration of the work

Many writers, scientists, composers, artists ask themselves a question – do you need to register your works? The answer is simple – you need, but not necessarily. Formally, the law does not require authors to register works. But in situations where the question arises of protecting and defending their copyright, the presence of copyright evidence is better than its absence.

In other words, the deposit and registration of a work is a kind of “safety net” in case of legal proceedings. Therefore, we recommend securing authorship and recording the fact of the creation of a work.

The deposit of a work is the transfer of its copy to storage. The procedure allows you to fix the fact of creation of the work and gives the author certain rights. If someone wants to assign your work or blame you for plagiarism, you can easily prove your authorship.

The following works can be deposited:
– Paintings and graphics
– Musical works
– Literary works
– Scripts
– Scientific work
– Comics and others.

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